• OJT & Job Shadowing – A service in which our clients have come to find great value is our On-the-Job Training (OJT) and Job Shadowing. Let us work on site with you and your staff to course-correct, train employees, address process issues, and ensure that you are empowered to operate a compliant facility at all times.
  • Compliance Audits – Your facility will experience an unannounced inspection by state officials at least once per year, but they can inspect anytime! This is where most facilities discover that they were not as compliant as they thought (or worse!). Aperture Consulting Group conducts in-depth compliance audits and then provide a detailed report and recommendations for correction. We can also help you implement the corrections and make operational improvements.
  • Deficiency Corrections and Inspection Responses – After a state inspection, you are under a tight deadline to correct deficiencies and send a written report to state officials. Aperture Consulting Group will review your inspection report, assess your dispensary’s gaps in compliance, recommend and help implement corrections, and help you generate any documentation that needs to be sent to the state. We can even be present during your reinspection for further peace of mind.
  • New Applications – Aperture Consulting Group can help you navigate the application labyrinth. We will help you understand the requirements, gather information, and develop supporting documentation to create a stellar application. We can also prepare you for approval.

  • Policies and Procedures – Too many facilities fall short when it comes to their policies and procedures. But in our experience, written policies and procedures can make or break a facility, and they often define how compliant a facility can be. We can either provide boilerplate procedures at a flat rate to get you started, or we can work with your facility to create customize policies and procedures that not only ensure compliance with rules, they will also help a facility operate more efficiently and with less waste, resulting in greater profits and more sleep at night.
  • Operations Consultation – Let Aperture Consulting Group perform an analysis of your facility’s general operations. Are you struggling to keep track of who does what, when they do it, and how? Are you buried in inane details and feel like you do the same process differently every time? We can help!
  • Rules Consultation – We are experts in interpretation and implementation and, not only can we help your facility understand these rules, we can turn them into actionable items and handy tools that can benefit your business.